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When you partner with Maifloer, you’re choosing to take control of your business, by allowing our experts to handle your electrical issues of all sizes and scopes. Working with Maifloer reduces your energy consumption, improves customer service and boosts your team’s productivity. So you can get back to growing your business, strategically and securely.

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This is where it all started.

This milestone marks 15 years of excellence for this power and electrical solutions company. Maifloer has established itself through its performance-enhancing and forward-thinking services in key areas, including Energy management systems, Industrial planning, start-up and maintenance, Limited energy systems and Electrical service installation.

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Maifloer’s success can be attributed to its dedicated team, its proven technological and business skills and experience, solid partnerships with various well-known expertise, and importantly, a commitment to exceptional client service.

About Us

Our Organization

As a turnkey solution and service provider, we have a team of well qualified, innovative and dedicated sales and technical team with solid experience in the industry. Maifloer to its credits, has also a good number of clients and customers ensuring a bespoke solution in our Projects.

We study our client’s project requirements and schedule each project accordingly to ensure accountability, security and timely commitment for the completion. It helps us to provide a cost-effective strategy and arrangement at all times.

Our Mission

We ensure that our products and the marketing activities employed will truly make a difference to people’s lifestyles and offer them a new dimension of enjoyment in the field of total power solutions.

Our innovations in the power research are designed to offer our customers with total protection and sustainability.

Our Vision

To be one of its kind in the field of power solutions, and also continually improve our business process and strategies with our clients and loyal customers.

Using a Total Quality Management model system, we would like to set a benchmark in the power industry.


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Project 1

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2002 – 2004

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2017 – 2019

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